To register for courses in the Adult Learning Centre program, complete the application form (available online or in person), meet with an advisor to create a student learning plan, and pay a non-refundable registration fee of $90.00 per trimester payable by cash or debit only. The registration fee must be paid in full in order to process the application. This fee applies to both Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents. Individuals with another immigration status or that are currently enrolled at another high school may contact the school regarding registration fees.

An official transcript is required from all new applicants. If the transcript is not available at the time of registration, additional paperwork must be filled out in order to obtain the transcript. Registration may continue while the transcript is in transit.

Registration begins several months prior to the start of each trimester. The 1st trimester begins in September, the 2nd trimester in January, and the 3rd trimester in May. For specific registration dates and times for each trimester, please call 204-453-8351 or visit

Application Form