Adult Learning Centre


The Adult Learning Centre program recognizes that many individuals aspire to achieve a high school diploma, upgrade for post-secondary education, enhance their work/career opportunities, or aim to enrich their personal interests. The Adult Learning Centre program provides a means in which students can achieve these goals in a friendly, flexible, and welcoming environment.

Programming and instruction are based on adult learning principles designed to meet the needs of the learners while educators deliver quality instruction with high standards.


The Adult Learning Centre program is located at 1175 Pembina Highway. The facility is technologically equipped with interactive whiteboards and a science lab. Every classroom has access to computers and wireless Internet.


The Adult Learning Centre program offers courses for students interested in completing their high school diploma, upgrading for post-secondary education, or enhancing and enriching their work/career opportunities and personal interests.

The Adult Learning Centre program provides an opportunity for achieving a Mature Student High School Diploma. This diploma requires the completion of eight credits in total. Four of these credits must be Grade 12 level courses, two of which include Math and English. Credits achieved in Grades 9 through 11 may be used to fulfill requirements for the other four credits. If lower level credits have not been achieved then all eight credits can be at the Grade 12 level. Individuals 19 years of age or older that have been out of school for at least six months are eligible to complete courses toward the Mature Student High School Diploma.

The Adult Learning Centre program also provides the opportunity for completing a 30 credit High School Diploma. Adult students choosing this option are not required to be out of school for a minimum of six months prior to applying for the program.

A variety of prerequisite courses are also offered to help fulfill upgrading requirements for post-secondary education, career opportunities, and/or personal interests. Individuals who have achieved a high school diploma are eligible to take courses in the Adult Learning Centre program. The requirements for the learner’s age and time away from school do not apply in this case. High school graduates are eligible to complete up to four courses without any fees other than the applicable registration fee. Please contact the school regarding the fees for exceeding the limit.

Attaining credits through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process may be an option to individuals with knowledge and skills acquired from previous courses and/or work/life experiences. Contact the school to learn more about the process and eligibility.

The Adult Learning Centre program offers courses over three trimesters. Courses can be taken from September through December; January through April; and/or May through August.

Classes are scheduled during the mornings, afternoons, and evenings in the 1st and 2nd trimesters, and during the afternoons and evenings in the 3rd trimester. The schedule is designed to enable participants to balance life, work, and school.


Funding Provided by:
The Manitoba Government