Alternative High School


The Alternative High School program recognizes that the traditional school setting may not always be the most suitable learning environment for every student. The Alternative High School program provides students the opportunity to complete a high school diploma in a different learning environment, fulfill requirements to return to a regular high school, or build the skills required for other programs and/or employment.

To help learners succeed, there is a strong focus on meeting individual needs, providing support, and delivering quality instruction that addresses different learning styles.

The Alternative High School program places a strong emphasis on respect, teamwork, community, self-worth, and self-awareness while building skills, habits, and attitudes required for moving forward beyond high school.


For nearly thirty years, the program has been helping students thrive, especially for those who have had difficulty in the regular high school system. Many students have earned their high school diplomas, secured employment and some have gone on to post-secondary education. The program began as a satellite classroom at Famous Players theatres in St. Vital Shopping Centre. The concept was so successful that it was awarded by the Conference Board of Canada.


The Alternative High School program is located at 1175 Pembina Highway. The facility is technologically equipped with interactive whiteboards and a science lab. Every classroom has access to computers and wireless Internet.


The Alternative High School program is designed for students from Grades 9 through 12. Forty students are accepted into the program and are provided instruction and support from teachers and educational assistants. The low student/staff ratio allows for increased one-on-one attention and opportunities to build rapport with staff. An individualized plan tailored to the needs and goals of each student is created to allow for success.

In contrast to traditional high school semesters that are several months long, the Alternative High School program offers courses over four short modules. This allows students to focus on fewer courses at a time, have the opportunity to achieve credits at various intervals throughout the year, and experience success more frequently.

The program offers all the compulsory courses and a variety of elective choices. The compulsory courses are structured to allow students to work at their own pace. This structure accommodates students who may require more time to complete course work and allows students who work at a quicker pace the opportunity to achieve more credits.

Field trips, guest speakers, monthly celebrations, and many other unique in and out-of-class experiences are incorporated into programming.

All classes take place in one room. This allows students to find comfort in not having to move from class to class, navigate a large building, and feel overwhelmed by a large student population. Students have more opportunities to interact and build positive relationships.


To be eligible for the Alternative High School program, students must have completed Grade 8, be 16 years of age or older, and meet the requirements of the Intake Procedure involving an interview and an application process.

Interested candidates must make arrangements for a parent/legal guardian to be present throughout the Intake Procedure. All potential candidates are interviewed and must be prepared to complete a questionnaire prior to the interview. An interview does not guarantee acceptance into the program. The application process only takes place once the requirements of the interview process are met.

Students admitted into the program pay an annual registration fee of $90.00 payable by cash or debit only. There are no tuition fees for the Alternative High School program.

Intake occurs four times a year in September, November, February, and April.

To book an interview, please call 204-453-8351. For additional information, contact Shawn Moi at ext. 260 or Jaclyn Rutherford at ext. 261.


Funding Provided by:
The Manitoba Government