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Adult Learning Centre

Students who are 19 years of age and over and who have been out of school for 6 months can complete courses towards a Mature Student High School Diploma.

This diploma is 8 credits. Students must have four grade 12 courses, including grade 12 Math and English. The other four credits can come from previous high school learning or the four credits can be taken at Jobworks. Students who are nearing completion of a 30 credit diploma may also graduate by taking courses at Jobworks.

Students requiring courses as prerequisites for post secondary education and those needing their marks upgraded for post secondary education will find a wide range of courses offered. Jobworks is equipped with a science lab and computers with Internet access. Click on the link for full course descriptions. If you have graduated and want to upgrade marks or take pre-requisite courses for post secondary education, you do not have to be 19 to attend.

 Jobworks runs on a trimester system. September to December; January to April; and May to August. Classes are offered mornings, afternoons and evenings in 1st and 2nd trimester, afternoons and evenings in 3rd trimester.

Students who have knowledge and skills from prior learning at school or work may be granted credit for certain courses through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). To learn more about the process involved in earning these credits, please contact our us.