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Student Services

Student Services was established to assist students’ in whatever capacity necessary to allow them to successfully achieve their academic goals.  This can encompass a wide variety of services ranging from the obvious to the extraordinary and unanticipated. All students of Jobworks are encouraged to use the student services staff and resources.

Referral Services

Student may encounter a number of personal, financial or academic challenges while attending school. For instance, student services can make tutor referrals; deal with issues such as stress management, test taking anxiety, or study skills, to name a few. For more personal or critical issues, referrals can be made to numerous agencies.

Intake and Academic Advising

We provide assistance with course planning and selection, information and clarification pertinent to the requirements for the adult high school diploma, as well as information and course pre-requisites for post-secondary education.

Scholarship Information

See the Bursary Scholarship and Student Aid Information section of the website.


Soozy Petrides
Jobworks Adult Learning Centre

1175 Pembina Hwy
Winnipeg MB R3T 2A5
(204) 453-8351 ext. 234