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Educational assistants work in school classrooms providing support for students with special needs. They are supervised by the teacher and the specific duties of the job will change depending on the needs of the students and the teacher. Many educational assistants work one on one with special needs students.


Manitoba schools are always looking for qualified teaching assistants, especially those who are trained to work with special needs students. This program aims to level the playing field for low income earners by providing an opportunity for exceptional employment training in this area, free of any tuition fees.


The program, which runs from September through March, is composed of two key components: classroom theory and practicum experience. 24 successful applicants are required to attend workshops every Monday. Student are required to have their Grade 12.

For the practicum portion of the program, students are placed in a public school, in which, they are required to be present for the equivalent of three days a week for 24 weeks (not including lunch). Absences must be made up. Students work in cooperation with the school's resource teacher, their mentor, for guidance and support. They are assessed at the end of the training period based on standards in development by Manitoba Education and Training's Provincial Special Education Review Initiative.


  • Employment Insurance (EI) recipient or an EI claim within the previous 3 years;
  • Parental/maternity claim within the previous 5 years;
  • Employment and Income Assistance recipient; or,
  • Low Income, unemployed or underemployed individual.

Pending Government Approval

Ideal candidates for this program are school volunteers, substitute educational assistants, foreign-trained teachers and parents of special needs children. It is preferred that candidates are already volunteering in schools and come with a recommendation from their principal. All candidates must be caring and reliable.


Training workshops are held every Monday at Jobworks, 1175 Pembina Highway. School practicums occur in public schools within six different school divisions.



Location: Jobworks Adult Learning Centre- 1175 Pembina Highway

Dates: Friday, February 16th, Friday, March 16th, and Friday, April 6th

Times: 10:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m. or 1:30-2:30 p.m.

Important: There is no need to register for these sessions. There are two meetings each day. You only need to attend one of these meetings. You must attend a presentation to get an application package

For further information, please contact the Program Coordinator, George Corbett, at Jobworks (204) 453-8351 ext. 226.

The program is funded by the government of Canada, the province of Manitoba, and the Manitoba Metis Federation- Employment and Training.

Pending Funding Approval