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If you have not graduated from high school, there is no charge for courses. If you have graduated from high school and are taking courses as prerequisites for college or university, there is no charge for courses.

There is a registration fee of $50.00 per trimester, paid when registering for that trimester. This fee is non-refundable. We accept cash or debit.

Students who are currently attending a high school and who also want to attend Jobworks must pay $650.00 per course - this can be paid by the student or by the school division where they are attending high school. This fee is waived for our 3rd trimester only.

Students need to be a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident - if not, they may need a student visa and must pay $650.00 per course.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate with an Mature Student High School Diploma you must complete 8 high school credits. Grade 12 Math and Grade 12 English are compulsory. Two additional credits must be at the Grade 12 level. Four other credits can be tailored to suit the student. It is possible to transfer some credits from previous high school learning. We require your transcript in order to transfer credits. Credits for other learning and work experience may be granted through Prior Learning Assessment. See Soozy Petrides for more information.

To qualify to obtain an Mature Student High School Diploma you must be a Manitoba resident and 19 years of age or older and have been out of school for six months.

If you plan to attend University or College, please make sure that you talk to a counsellor to ensure you are taking the right credits for admission. You may need more than just a high school diploma for admission to post secondary institutions.

Change of Personal Information

If any of your personal information should change (address, phone number, name) please inform the front desk.

Snow Storm Policy

If classes are cancelled for students, radio stations will announce:

Jobworks on Pembina Highway, classes are cancelled.

This will be announced on most radio stations by 7:00 a.m.

Lockdown Procedures (Threatening Intruder)

STAFF will indicate LOCK DOWN
1. Clear all hallways immediately. Students outside of classrooms should try to reach a classroom or an office.
Close all the doors and lock if possible. Install the door club (hanging on back of doors) on doors that open to
the inside. Turn off the lights and close any blinds or drapes. Stay away from any windows. People should sit
quietly on the floor, out of the line of sight to a potentially threatening individual who could be inside or
outside the building. Once a door has been locked, it cannot be unlocked until a credible person provides
staff with the “Cancel Code One” signal followed by a code. Students or staff who gets caught outside of
classrooms will need to find the nearest office, room or any place available to hide.
2. It is critical to stay each room until a credible person informs you that the danger has passed and advises you
on how to exit safely. The “Cancel Code One” signal followed by a code known to staff will come from a credible
3. Students outside should try to vacate the school area. If vacating is not an option, seek protective cover or drop
to the ground and remain still.
4. Students attending Jobworks will be informed of the designated spot for reporting if leaving school property is an option.

Fire Alarm

Fire drills are mandatory. It is imperative that all staff and students evacuate the building when the fire alarm rings.
Students must move quickly and quietly to the designated area outside the building and wait for direction. Students
attending Jobworks will be informed of the designated spot for reporting if they must leave school property.
When the fire bell rings or in the case of any evacuation, leave all belongings and exit the building using the following exits:

Room 1 Front door exit
Rooms 2 & 3 Turn right, go down the hallway and use the West side exit (back door)
Student Services
Go down the stairs and use the West side exit (Back door)
Rooms 5 & 6 Go down the back stairway and use the West side exit (Back door)
Science Lab Front door
Board Room Front door
Student Lounge Turn left down the hallway by Room 2 & 3 and use the West side exit (Back door)
Gather in the parking lot away from the building. Teachers will do attendance. Re-entry back into the building will not
be permitted until direction is given by the Director.

Tampering with fire alarms and/or fire extinguishers is illegal. Fines and/or charges will result for those who violate
fire safety regulations.

Jobworks Student Services - 2nd Floor

Soozy Petrides

The services we offer are aimed at assisting students with:

Career Counselling

· Personal counselling for issues related to career transition

· Career Cruising” career planning program

· Career goals, action plans and research techniques

Creative Job Search Techniques

· Strategies for accessing the hidden job market

· Developing and revising resumes and cover letters

· Effective job interview skills and techniques

· Labour Market information

Student Support

· Referrals to appropriate agencies/organizations for personal or professional matters

· Information searches for non-academic issues

Academic Counselling

· Information regarding entrance requirements for post-secondary institutions

Student services has computers with Internet and word processing for student use at any time that we are open (including Fridays 8:30 am to 3:30 pm).

This is also an area for students to write tests, do research and study.


Important Phone Numbers


Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) 204-944-6200
Age & Opportunity Centre Inc. 204-956-6440
Anxiety Disorders Assoc. of Manitoba 204-925-0600
Child & Family Services – 24 Hrs. 204-944-4050
Child Day Care Office 204-945-0776
Community Financial Counselling 204-989-1900
Contact Community Info/Volunteer MB 204-287-8827
Domestic Violence Crisis Line 1-877-977-0007
Employment Projects of Winnipeg 204-949-5300
Employment Standards 204-945-3352
Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre 204-477-1123
Gambling Help Line 204-944-6382
Health Links Line (Misericordia Health Centre) 204-788-8200
Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868
Klinic Crisis Line 204-786-8686
Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba 204-774-1821
Legal Aid 204-985-8500
Literacy Partners 204-947-5757
Macdonald Youth Services 204-477-1722
Non Emergency Police 204-986-6222
Osborne House Crisis Line 204-942-3052
Poison Helpline 204-787-2591
Transit Information 311 or 204-986-5700
Winnipeg Harvest Food Crisis Line 204-982-3660




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