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Any one of the following three Grade 12 courses can be used as the compulsory English credit for the Mature Student High School Diploma.

The English 40S classes at Jobworks ARE NOT English as an Additional Language courses. The teacher will not be spending time teaching EAL skills. We require a Canadian Language Benchmark of 7 in all 4 areas in order to do English 40S. If your benchmarks are not 7, we require you to take English 30S before you can take English 40S.

PLEASE NOTE: Students attending university or college where they will be expected to write essays should choose English Comprehensive or English Transactional if they are only going to take one English course. English Comp and English Trans both require a large amount of reading and writing.

The expectation in Grade 12 English Comprehensive and English Transactional is that you are ready to use your reading and thinking skills to become an analytical thinker and writer. Writing at this level is not "retelling" the story in an essay. You will use your reading and thinking skills to "read between the lines" and learn about information not plainly stated in the reading material. You will use your writing skills to convince and persuade the reader of your point of view, using proof from the reading material.

English 40S Comprehensive Focus

(1 credit) - Grade 12

In this course students write extensively, including paragraphs, essays and other writing forms. Students will develop the skills that allow them to be analytical thinkers and writers. The course focuses equally on fiction (novels, short stories, plays, films, and poems) and on non-fiction (newspaper and magazine articles, documentaries and editorials). This course would be a good choice for students entering the humanities at university.

English 40S Transactional Focus

(1 credit) - Grade 12

In this course students write extensively, including essays, non-fiction articles, editorials and other writing forms. Students will develop the skills that allow them to be analytical thinkers and writers. In English Transactional students do more research than in English Comprehensive and the course focuses mostly on resources that are non-fiction such as newspaper and magazine articles and documentaries. This course would be a good choice for students entering math or science courses at university.

English Language and Technical Communications 40S

(1 credit) - Grade 12

In this course you learn practical writing and communication skills that would be used in the workplace. Examples of the kinds of documents produced in class are: business letters, memos, short reports and full length formal reports up to 15 pages typed. There is an emphasis on producing documents with a professional look. There is group work and there is an exam.

This course would be helpful to students preparing for trades and apprenticeship programs and for jobs in fields such as Engineering, Architecture, Science, Nursing and Industry.


Essential Mathematics 40S

(1 credit) - Grade 12

Essential Math is intended for students whose after high school planning does not include a focus on mathematics and science-related fields. Skills from this course will help students understand math encountered in everyday life in a technological society. Essential Math focuses on consumer application, problem solving, decision making and spatial sense. Topics include: Analysis of Games and Numbers, Vehicle Finance, Statistics, Precision Measurement, Home Finance, Geometry and Trigonometry, Business Finance and Probability.

***Students taking Essential Math are required to have a scientific calculator. Cell phones and other electronics that can receive/transmit signals are not allowed for use on tests or exams.

Applied Mathematics 40S

(1 credit) - Grade 12

Applied Math is for students considering post-secondary studies that do not require a study of theoretical calculus. It promotes the learning of numerical and geometrical problem solving techniques as they relate to the world around us. Students will solve problems primarily with the use of technology (graphing software or graphing calculator). There is still an algebra requirement but the topics are not as in Pre Cal Math. The Applied math course is a good lead-in for students who may want to take statistics in post-secondary studies.

***Students taking Applied Math are required to have a graphing calculator, T183 Plus, T184, or T184 Plus. Cell phones and other electronics that can receive/transmit signals are not allowed for use on tests or exams.

Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S

(1 credit) - Grade 12

Pre-Cal Math provides background knowledge and skills for students who intend to study calculus at college or university. It is a high-level study of theoretical math with an emphasis on problem solving and mental math. Pre-Cal has much more abstract algebra than Applied. Pre Cal Math keeps the most doors open for students considering university or college.

***Students taking Pre-Calculus Math are required to have a scientific calculator. Cell phones and other electronics that can receive/transmit signals are not allowed for use on tests or exams.


Biology 40S

(1 credit) - Grade 12

The major focus of this course is genetics. Topics to be covered include: the study of the transmission of character traits, the mechanisms of heredity and inheritance, the function of DNA and protein synthesis, evolution and an overview of the 6 kingdoms of life.

Chemistry 40S

(1 credit) - Grade 12

The fundamental principles introduced to the student at the Chemistry 40S level include the nature of chemistry, kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acid-base equilibrium, and solubility equilibrium. Course material is presented using a variety of approaches including lectures, demonstrations and experimentation.

Physics 40S

(1 credit) - Grade 12

Physics is the field of science that deals with the understanding of natural phenomena. This course will focus on the concepts and the mathematics used to explain these phenomena with more emphasis placed on the concepts. Topics include Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Atomic and Nuclear Physics and the Wave nature of Light and Sound. The course is designed for students who wish to gain a background in basic Physics or for those students seeking admission to a college or university.


Cinema as a Witness to Modern History 40S

(1 credit) - Grade 12

Would you like to learn about the history of the 20th century in a fun and interesting way?

Watching films is a large part of this course and it includes Hollywood films, independent films and documentaries. After watching, you will participate in lively discussions about world events such as the American Civil Rights Movement, the cultural shift of the 1960's in North America, the Vietnam War, World War I and II, the Middle East conflict and the changes these events made on the world. Other topics touched on include: the role of journalists, the Feminist movement, the mentality of dictators and changing gender roles

Writing is also a large part of this course and essay writing will be reviewed in class before you are expected to write. You will be able to express your opinions by writing approximately 300 words in each class, depending on what you have watched and discussed. At least 3 larger essays will also be assigned. .

History is the main focus but along the way you will also learn about how filmmakers use dialogue, sound and visual effects, camera shots, angles, music and other techniques to get their message across.

Students who have taken this course have given it 5 out of 5 stars.*****


Psychology 40S

(1 credit) - Grade 12

If you are curious about why human beings behave as they do, this is the course for you! Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and mental processes. Our course will provide an introduction to many different areas of psychology such as: Research Methods, Personality Theory, Psychological Disorders and Treatments, Motivation and Emotion, Stress and Health. Students will be expected to do a Research Paper and the teacher will review how to do such a paper as part of the course.

Family Studies 40S

(1 credit) - Grade 12

Our future as a society is dependent upon people and their ability to be successful not only in the workplace, but also in their homes and personal lives. This course is a sociology class that covers many aspects of being an individual in society. It tries to answer the question: How do we function optimally in our society? Topics such as self-concept, violence, resource management ($), addiction, sexuality and other current trends are discussed.

Community Service 41G

(1 credit) or (.5 credit) - Grade 12

Students may receive 1 credit for doing 110 hours of volunteer work or .5 credit for doing 55 hours of volunteer work. The type of volunteer work done must be approved by the school counsellor prior to starting the volunteer placement. Please contact Soozy Petrides for more information.

Private Music Option

(1 credit) 42S - Grade 12

Students studying music may apply for Private Music Option credits if they can present a music certificate showing evidence of standing from the Conservatory of Canada Program or the Royal Conservatory of Toronto. Please contact Soozy Petrides for more information.

Special Language Credits

(1 credit) 40S or 41G - Grade 12

Students that can demonstrate proficiency in languages other than English or French may be awarded credits either by presenting recognized credentials or by successfully completing special language examinations. Please contact Soozy Petrides for more information.

RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning Credits

Students who have previous course knowledge, at the Grade 12 level, may be able to gain credits by proving their skills in the following courses:

Biology 40S Chemistry 40S
Physics 40S Pre-Calculus Math 40S
Applied Math 40S Essential Math 40S
English Comprehensive 40S English Transactional 40S

Please contact Soozy Petrides for more information.

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