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The Alternative High School (AHS) recognizes that not all students are successful in the traditional school environment. This program gives students another option toward completing their high school diplomas.

Teachers strive to give considerable personalized instruction that caters to students’ different learning styles and needs. Educators also place a strong emphasis on building respect, team work, community and self-awareness.


For nearly thirty years, the AHS has seen students who had difficulty in the regular high school system thrive. Hundreds have earned their high school diplomas, secured employment and some have gone on to post-secondary education. The school began as a satellite classroom at Famous Players theatres in St. Vital Shopping Centre. The concept was so successful that it was awarded by the Conference Board of Canada.


The program is based out of the Jobworks Adult Learning Centre at 1175 Pembina Highway. The facility is technologically well-equipped with interactive white boards and a science lab. Every classroom has computers and wireless Internet access.


The AHS program is organized so that students can join for Grades 9 through 12. Only forty students are accepted into the program to allow for smaller class sizes and increased one-on-one attention. In contrast to traditional high school semesters that are several months long, the alternative high school year is broken into 10-week modules. This allows students to earn credits quickly for an increased rate of success. What’s more, individuals focus on only three courses at a time to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education are taught as required courses. There are a variety of electives to choose from such as Art, Career Development, and Family Studies. In addition, students can benefit from unique in and out-of-class activities that include guest speakers, science experiments and monthly celebrations as well as field trips.


To qualify for the program, students must have successfully completed Grade 8 and be at least 16-years old. Applicants and their parent(s) or guardian(s) must attend an interview with the teachers. The student must be prepared to fill out a questionnaire about his/her past experiences at this time. If accepted, students register and pay an annual registration fee of $80.00 cash/debit only. There are no tuition fees for the Alternative High School. Intake occurs four times a year in September, November, February and April. For more information, please call (204) 453-8351 for Melissa Noad or Jenn Harris . To book an interview please call the front desk (204)-453-8351.


Code of Conduct (PDF)


Violence/Threats/Abuse/Weapons Policy (PDF)


Drug Policy (PDF)


Anti-Bullying Policy (PDF)


Attendance Policy (PDF)


Dress code Policy (PDF)




School Saftey Procedures (PDF)




General School Rules (PDF)




Classroom Rules and Consequences (PDF)


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