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Career Planning

Need help figuring out the type of job or career you would like to have? Here are some resources to help you.

Career Cruising

Make an appointment to see Soozy Petrides. With the help of our career planning program, Career Cruising , she can help you explore your interests and skills to generate a list of your 40 top career possibilities. The career cruising program offers a wide variety of information to help you research lots of careers.

Internet Sources The Government of Manitoba has an extensive site for everything career related. The University of Manitoba Career Centre site has “webshops” online to help you with resumes, cover letters and job searching. The University of Waterloo also has a great site for Career Planning with an in-depth e-manual. This is an excellent resource! Service Canada - Training, Career and Worker Information National Occupation Classification (NOC)
The NOC is the authoritative resource on occupational information in Canada. A Government of Canada site where you can search for jobs and explore careers. Manitoba Work Info Net Local employment, career planning and learning information The Osborne Village Resource Centre specializes in helping people with job search and career change. They have workshops and personal help.

Exploring your "Personality Type"

Sometimes knowing more about your personality can help you make career decisions. Two well used methods of learning about your personality are the “Holland Codes” and variations of the “Myers Briggs Type Indicator”.

- Holand Codes

Holland codes help you assess what type of worker you are. The following web-sites will help you explore your career options, based on Holland typology

Career Zone

Career Interests Game

Click on “Career Interest Game”

- Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Myers-Briggs uses a personality inventory to give information about “type”. Meyers-Briggs is based on a theory that says differences in behaviour result from people’s inborn tendencies to use their minds in different ways. As people act on these tendencies, they develop patterns of behaviour.

Once you know your “type”, there are resources that will show you what jobs/careers people of the same type gravitate to. The following websites have “type” tests and some resources for you to learn more about your type.

Personality type on-line quiz

Humanetrics Jung-typology Test

Personality Pathways

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